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Setting goals for 2021

Things (obviously) didn’t go according to anyone’s plans in 2020, so we’re all a little hesitant about setting goals for 2021.

But we can still plan ahead and set exciting goals, even though we may not have a clue what 2021 will look like.

Keep reading for 3 solid goal-setting tips to help you wrap your head around 2021 planning. These tips are even great for non-global pandemic times! Because, let’s be honest, we never really know what the year ahead will bring.

Photo of Kate writing down goals for 2021 at her desk

Make your goals for 2021 realistic and flexible

As much as we’d all like to take a trip to Paris this spring, it’s not exactly as simple as buying a ticket these days. It’s great to make big, dreamy goals, but if we can’t actually achieve them, what’s the point? Staring at a list of impossible goals all year would be pretty disheartening. Save yourself the heartache by focusing on goals you can reach, while staying adaptable for any new twists and turns. 

Sometimes, it’s best make general goals when the sentiment behind them is more important than the specifics. This year, your goal might simply be to take a stay/va-cation in the spring. We don’t know how safe traveling will feel, but since the purpose of the goal is relaxing time off—it’s ok to skip the details for now.

Break your big goals down into doable chunks

Creating highly doable goals is great, but sometimes we need to aim bigger to really push ahead in life. If you’re set on getting a promotion this year—awesome! But don’t stop your planning there. Unfortunately, you can’t give yourself a promotion, so you’ll need to break it down into smaller goals that are within your control.

List out each step toward that big goal—like taking on more leadership roles at work or putting together a solid pitch to your boss. Even if you don’t get that promotion this year, you’ll know you’ve made good progress in the right direction.

Schedule your goals

If you’re not planning when you’ll work on your goals, you’re going to have a hard time achieving them. Your goal may be decluttering your house, but if you don’t schedule any cleaning days into your week, you’ll never be Marie Kondo-approved.

If you’ve already broken down your big goals into smaller chunks, you’re halfway there. Pop each step into your calendar when you realistically plan to work on them. Now you have a solid plan for the next 12 months and you’ll be able to look back with pride come next December. 

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