photo of desk with planner, computer, phone timer, and pens with the text: "how to work from home"

How to work from home

I love working from home. It’s hard, and it’s not for everyone. But for me, it’s the only way. As a work from home veteran of 6 years, I thought I’d share the absolutely essential practices that keep me happy and functioning through my workdays.

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photo of journal and coffee cup on a blanket with the text: "how to practice self care"

How to practice self care

Since it’s Valentines Day week, it feels appropriate to talk about showing ourselves some love through self care. For lots of people, it can be hard to figure out how to practice self care or even to figure what it means and why it’s important. So I figured I’d share my thoughts on the subject.  […]

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photo of planner pages with text: "turn your goals into habits"

Turn your goals into habits

I had a lightbulb moment while planning my goals for 2021: most goals take a good bit of work to reach.   Ok, before you yell “duh!” in my face, I think it’s shockingly easy to get tied up in big, exciting goals without actually realizing the work they’ll entail.   That’s why this year, […]

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Setting goals for 2021

Things (obviously) didn’t go according to anyone’s plans in 2020, so we’re all a little hesitant about setting goals for 2021. But we can still plan ahead and set exciting goals, even though we may not have a clue what 2021 will look like. Keep reading for 3 solid goal-setting tips to help you wrap […]

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photo of planner with text: "tracking my days with my daily planner"

Tracking my days with my daily planner

My daily planner page is way more than just a to-do list. This week I’m getting into the bottom half of that page (you can find my overview of the top portion here) and why it’s so important to everything else I do. This section of my daily planner serves many purposes. It’s a sleep/gratitude/mood […]

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photo of planner with text: "how I plan my days"

How I plan my days

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shown you how I plan my months and weeks. Today, I’m going over the final piece of the process: how I plan my days. This final step is where I make my daily to-lists. Each task on my list relates back to the monthly goals I started with, so […]

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photo of planner with text: "how I plan my week"

How I plan my week

In my last post, I gave you a glimpse into how I plan my month. This week, I’m breaking it down further to show you how I turn my monthly plan into a weekly plan. Why this planning system works Before I get into the details about my weekly plans, I want to go a […]

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How I plan my month

In my last post, I promised a peek into my planning process—welcome to the first installment in that series! Since we’re about to head into November, now is the perfect time to give you a look over my shoulder as I set up my planner for a new month. It all starts with my monthly […]

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Photo of Kate writing at her desk with the text "how I use my planner"

How I use my planner

Figuring out how to plan my time has taken a lot of trial and error. As someone who’s worked from home as a freelancer for 5+ years, I’ve had plenty of time to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. After spending most of my life in school and then working jobs where […]

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Photo of items on a tray including glasses, coffee mug, and incense with the text "producing happiness"

Producing happiness

Here’s how I spent my morning today: I woke up and ate breakfast with my partner while we talked about whatever sleepy, unfocused thoughts were on our minds. We listened to a short news podcast and discussed somewhat sharper thoughts about the state of the world. My partner went off to work, and I went […]

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