photo of planner pages with text: "turn your goals into habits"

Turn your goals into habits

I had a lightbulb moment while planning my goals for 2021: most goals take a good bit of work to reach.   Ok, before you yell “duh!” in my face, I think it’s shockingly easy to get tied up in big, exciting goals without actually realizing the work they’ll entail.   That’s why this year, […]

photo of planner with text: "tracking my days with my daily planner"

Tracking my days with my daily planner

My daily planner page is way more than just a to-do list. This week I’m getting into the bottom half of that page (you can find my overview of the top portion here) and why it’s so important to everything else I do. This section of my daily planner serves many purposes. It’s a sleep/gratitude/mood […]

photo of planner with text: "how I plan my days"

How I plan my days

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shown you how I plan my months and weeks. Today, I’m going over the final piece of the process: how I plan my days. This final step is where I make my daily to-lists. Each task on my list relates back to the monthly goals I started with, so […]

photo of planner with text: "how I plan my week"

How I plan my week

In my last post, I gave you a glimpse into how I plan my month. This week, I’m breaking it down further to show you how I turn my monthly plan into a weekly plan. Why this planning system works Before I get into the details about my weekly plans, I want to go a […]

How I plan my month

In my last post, I promised a peek into my planning process—welcome to the first installment in that series! Since we’re about to head into November, now is the perfect time to give you a look over my shoulder as I set up my planner for a new month. It all starts with my monthly […]

Photo of Kate writing at her desk with the text "how I use my planner"

How I use my planner

Figuring out how to plan my time has taken a lot of trial and error. As someone who’s worked from home as a freelancer for 5+ years, I’ve had plenty of time to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. After spending most of my life in school and then working jobs where […]

Photo of habit tracker printable on a desk with the text "How I use habit tracking to reduce stress"

How I use habit tracking to reduce stress

I depend on my habit tracker to keep my life from falling apart. Most of us are familiar with using habit tracking to build healthy habits, but I really love it as a tool for stress reduction. And given the way this year is going, we could all stand to reduce our stress levels. What […]