Featured image for Planned Parenthood social media graphics

Planned Parenthood Social Media Graphics

These are social media graphics advertising an event held by the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan (PPAM). I designed this series of graphics using PPAM’s existing branding to highlight the various subjects of the event. I also selected the content for the graphics.

Featured image for 2016 Highlights one pager

2016 Highlights One Pager

This is a one pager of 2016 election highlights the client used to share their work with funders and stakeholders. I designed this one pager using the organization’s existing branding guidelines as part of a larger report I created on their 2016 election work. (Content has been replaced with placeholder text for confidentiality).  

Featured image for voter information graphic

Multilingual Voter Information Graphics

I designed these graphics for a coalition of civic engagement organizations in Florida. They needed to provide information about an upcoming election, in both English and Spanish, on a variety of social media platforms. I created these graphics to be eye catching and quickly digestible when viewed on any social media platform.

Featured image for PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

I designed this PowerPoint presentation for the client to showcase a series of their projects to stakeholders. I created each body slide with a functional, flexible layout to easily customize and show off the specific details of each project. (Content has been replaced with placeholder text for confidentiality).

Photo of Next Chapter Report featured image

State Voices Next Chapter Report

This is a 60 page report State Voices used to update their donors and stakeholders on their new programs, goals and future plans. I designed this report, taking a fresh spin on State Voices’ existing branding to highlight the new direction of the organization’s programs. I also assisted with editing and content creation for this […]