photo of desk with planner, computer, phone timer, and pens with the text: "how to work from home"

How to work from home

I love working from home. It’s hard, and it’s not for everyone. But for me, it’s the only way. As a work from home veteran of 6 years, I thought I’d share the absolutely essential practices that keep me happy and functioning through my workdays.

photo of planner pages with text: "turn your goals into habits"

Turn your goals into habits

I had a lightbulb moment while planning my goals for 2021: most goals take a good bit of work to reach.   Ok, before you yell “duh!” in my face, I think it’s shockingly easy to get tied up in big, exciting goals without actually realizing the work they’ll entail.   That’s why this year, […]

Setting goals for 2021

Things (obviously) didn’t go according to anyone’s plans in 2020, so we’re all a little hesitant about setting goals for 2021. But we can still plan ahead and set exciting goals, even though we may not have a clue what 2021 will look like. Keep reading for 3 solid goal-setting tips to help you wrap […]