photo of desk with planner, computer, phone timer, and pens with the text: "how to work from home"

How to work from home

I love working from home. It’s hard, and it’s not for everyone. But for me, it’s the only way. As a work from home veteran of 6 years, I thought I’d share the absolutely essential practices that keep me happy and functioning through my workdays.

Photo of Kate writing at her desk with the text "how I use my planner"

How I use my planner

Figuring out how to plan my time has taken a lot of trial and error. As someone who’s worked from home as a freelancer for 5+ years, I’ve had plenty of time to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. After spending most of my life in school and then working jobs where […]

Photo of items on a tray including glasses, coffee mug, and incense with the text "producing happiness"

Producing happiness

Here’s how I spent my morning today: I woke up and ate breakfast with my partner while we talked about whatever sleepy, unfocused thoughts were on our minds. We listened to a short news podcast and discussed somewhat sharper thoughts about the state of the world. My partner went off to work, and I went […]

Photo of habit tracker printable on a desk with the text "How I use habit tracking to reduce stress"

How I use habit tracking to reduce stress

I depend on my habit tracker to keep my life from falling apart. Most of us are familiar with using habit tracking to build healthy habits, but I really love it as a tool for stress reduction. And given the way this year is going, we could all stand to reduce our stress levels. What […]

Photo of woman holding cup of coffee with the text "what does productivity really mean?"

Redefining productivity

I’m not a fan of the word “productivity.” Everywhere I turn, there’s another app or article promising to help me gain more of it. We’re obsessed with productivity. According to capitalism and the internet, productivity is narrowly defined as the things we do that create a monetary output.

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Hey there

I’m so glad you’re here! Let me introduce myself. I’m Kate, and I’m excited to chat with you about taking the anxiety and drudgery out of planning and living your life. I started creating my own planner pages back in 2017 because I couldn’t find any that truly fit my needs.