Helena Huang

“I’ve worked with a number of designers over the years and Kate Morgan is among the best. Kate is a talented graphic artist; she makes work that is both beautiful and compelling. She has a keen analytical mind that makes her work smarter, more precise. She is also calm and professional under deadline pressure, no […]

Ashindi Maxton

“It was a pleasure to work with Kate. We had a time-sensitive presentation and we weren’t sure exactly how to translate some complex ideas from words to images. Kate was quick to grasp where we were going and offer ideas. She was a great combination of self-directed and responsive. The process moved quickly and everyone […]

Dessa Cosma-King

“I knew I had an important design project; I knew it needed to authentically reflect the work my organization had done engaging voters in the 2014 election; and I knew it needed to be professional enough to show to funders, while being accessible enough to show potential volunteers. Until I found Kate, I was at […]

Elizabeth Sullivan

“Kate is a reliable and pleasant work partner. One project we worked on together was a post-election report on a very tight schedule. I was worried. Would we have the final product in time for an important donors’ conference? Kate was quick, reliable, always checking to see if the next installment of work was ready. […]